Mental Illness Network News

Sign-UpThe Mental Illness Network News is published by the NCPD Council on Mental Illness to facilitate communication among the members of the recently launched National Catholic Network on Mental Illness (Network).  We hope to inspire, inform, and connect with one another on a monthly basis. We want to hear from you about your ministry; what you are doing, what are your hopes, and what are your struggles.

One of our goals is to network ideas and ministries so that we can all share in the day-to-day life of people trying to make a difference by being Christ to one another. So again, please write us to let us know what is going on in your part of the "kingdom."

Eventually, we hope to make this an interactive network but for now (until we work out the cyberspace details) we will be e-mailing the newsletter to you every third Tuesday.  Please e-mail back to us any news or programs or information that you wish us to consider for publication in the newsletter or posting to the NCPD website.  Please send all e-mails to me, Deacon Tom Lambert, at and put NCPD Council on MI Network News in the subject line. You can also call me at 773-525-0453 x21 if you have any questions or ideas.


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