Vatican Statements


Pope waving into camera

Below are statements promulgated by the Vatican on matters related to persons with disabilities. They are listed by the date that they were published.


Title Author Date   Vatican Website    
Benedict Affirms the Role of the Disabled Benedict XVI 5/8/2009
Benedict XVI at Saint Joseph's Seminary Benedict XVI 04/19/2008
14th World Day of the Sick Benedict XVI 12/8/2005
 Jubilee of the Disabled  John Paul II 12/3/2000
 The Person with Disabilities: Subject - Active Agent in Ministry Committee for the Jubilee Day 04/07/2000
 The Person with Disabilities: Subject - Receiver of Evangelization and Catechesis Committee for the Jubilee Day 05/17/2000
"In the Image and Likeness of God: Always? Illness of the Human Mind" John Paul II; addressing participants
in the international conference
sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health-Care Workers


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