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Threats to the Life of People With Disabilities, Part 1:
Poor Prenatal Diagnosis of Lethal
or Non-lethal Conditions & Disability:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010
1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern        12:00-1:30 p.m. Central
11:00 a.m. -12:30 p.m. Mountain      10:00-11:30 a.m. Pacific

 Issues addressed include:

  • Examination of medical issues
  • Catholic Church teaching
  • Pastoral, family & medical support
  • Live Q & A
  • Real-time captioned



Mental Health Month 2010

May is Mental Health Month

May is a good time to talk about mental illness and the effects on the individual and the family. Some suggestions:
·         use the bulletin articles on the NCPD website (click here)
·         use the article on “Stained Glass Window” that talks about inclusion (attached)
·         Prayers of the faithful (click here)
·         Show the DVD “Welcomed and Valued” (click here)
·         Use information from the “resource binder” for an article on mental illness (click here for resource binder or here to order printed version)
·         Host a mass celebrating the lives of people with mental illness, their families, care givers
·         Celebrate St Dymphna’s feast day May 15th (see homily - can be modified to suit local needs and used in an article for bulletin or other publication)
·         Resources:
            NAMI -
            Pathways to Promise -
            Mental Health Ministries -
            Archdiocese Chicago Mental Illness Ministries -



Previous Webinar

Advanced Considerations:
Mental Illness in Youth and Young Adults
June 10, 2010 1:00- 2:00 PM Eastern



Presenter Presented by the NCPD Council on Mental Illness as part of its Welcomed and Valued Initiative, and the National federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, helping parishes support the spiritual life of youth and young adults.

Click here for flyer. 


Dr. Robert McCarty,
Executive Director of  NFCYM

Dr. Paul Myers, Director of Student Health Services,
University of Portland, OR.

Linea Johnson is a self-advocate,motivational speaker, author, and blogger.
She is a recent college graduate with a degree in creative writing and English from
Seattle University, in Washington.
Linea says of herself, “As a young woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder,
I hope to use my experiences to speak for those unable to speak for themselves.”


Down Syndrome Patients Could Unlock Secrets of Aging

Down Syndrome Patients Could Unlock Secrets of Aging


Questions seem to arise too often which question the value and purpose of lives of people with disabilities.  We tragically hear that 90% of pregnancies with a prenatal diagnosis of  Down syndrome end in abortion.  As people of faith, we strongly believe in the value of all life.  As friends and/or families with people who have a member with Down syndrome, we can attest personally to the enrichment our lives have gained through our relationship with people having this disability.   A recent article in USAToday provides even more reason to value the contributions which come through the lives of people with Down syndrome.

“As they live longer, adults with Down syndrome — who have an extra copy of chromosome 21 — are teaching scientists about the genetic roots of aging, says Ira Lott, head of pediatric neurology at the University of California-Irvine School of Medicine.”

“Scientists today are searching this chromosome, which contains only about 200 of the body's roughly 20,000 genes, to learn why people with Down syndrome suffer disproportionately from some health problems, such as Alzheimer's disease, but are spared many others, such as heart attacks, strokes and certain types of cancer.”

“By studying adults with Down syndrome, researchers hope to find new ways to combat diseases of aging in the larger population as well, Lott says.”

Read the entire article at:


Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform

Items related to the health care reform bill can be found below. The US Catholic Bishops posted concerns about the current bill to their website in a news release named
Archbishop Chaput of Denver issued an article entitled A Bad Bill and How We Got It in the Denver Catholic Register.
Other helpful resources regarding the health care reform bill can be found at

Friends of NCPD

Friends of NCPD campaign launched! Individuals and groups become Friends of NCPD because they believe in NCPD's mission to ensure participation of Catholics with disabilities in all aspects of the Church and society. See more...


A Life Like Yours

This video was produced in collaboration with NCPD by the Archdiocese of Washington's Department of Life Issues and the Department of Special Needs Ministries. It premiered at the annual Youth Rally for Life in Washington, DC on January 22, 2010. We commend Peg Kolm, the video's producer, who is the Archdiocese's Coordinator in the Office of Ministry for Persons with Disabilities.


2010 CSMG Overview

The first day's events will include a talk on spirituality and social action by Jesuit Father Allan Figueroa Deck, executive director of Cultural Diversity in the Church for the USCCB, and an opening Mass celebrated by Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, New York, Chairman of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development.


On February 8, John Carr, executive director of the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development, will offer a reflection on the common work of Catholic social ministry, especially in light of Pope Benedict's latest encyclical. The Domestic Issues Plenary speaker, Ray Boshara, vice-president and senior fellow at New America Foundation and consultant to the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, will speak on reducing poverty in America.


The International Issues Plenary speaker will be Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love, associate professor in the Department of Politics of The Catholic University of America and a consultant to the USCCB Committee on International Justice and Peace. She will address how the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI impact the international mission of the U.S. Church and both affirm and challenge U.S. foreign policy.


On February 9, attendees will break into state delegations and visit their U.S. Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill to discuss immigration reform, health care reform, job creation and policies that uphold the life and dignity of human life and pursue justice and peace worldwide.


The gathering's closing luncheon will feature David Brooks and Mark Shields of NewsHour on PBS offering commentary on how politics shape issues of human life and dignity and justice and peace.


NCPD 2010 Calendar Available

The NCPD 2010 Calendar is available.

Please click on the image to view of download upcoming events and Webinars.

As new events become finalized the calendar will be updated and included in the monthly ENEWS.


Your Urgent Action needed to Ensure Health Care Reform Protections

Saving Lives Flyer

Below is a request from the USCCB to act to ensure that moral protections are included in the health care reform bill that is approaching resolution between the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. Please do what you can to protect the lives of unborn people people with disabilities and the medical personnel that care for them.

 More information is available at
 The attachments referenced in the request are available by clicking here. They include a Spanish version and bulletin announcements and prayer petitions. The flyer pictured above is also available for download by clicking on it. 

Dear colleagues,

As you are aware, the House and Senate have begun discussing how to meld their respective health care reform bills into a final bill. The bishops continue to advocate that the moral criteria to 1) maintain current conscience protections and prohibition on federal funding for abortions and abortion coverage; 2) provide adequate and affordable coverage for all people, especially the poor and vulnerable; and 3) protect access to coverage and health care for immigrants are met in the final bill.

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