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Support ADAPT in advocating for the Community Choice Act  which will allow Medicaid funds to cover community based services, thus enabling people with disabilities to live in the local community of their choice.  Ask your U.S. Senators and Representative in Congress to cosponsor this important legislation!  The Community Choice Act was recently introduced in the Senate (S. 683) by Senators Tom Harkin(D-IA) and Arlen Specter (D-PA) and in the House (H.R. 1670) by Representative Danny Davis (D-IL).

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Stauros Ministries Invitation: Access to the Land of the Bible

Stauros Ministries Invitation: Access to the Land of the Bible, August 17-28, 2010 is a trip for people with disability. Access to the Land of the Bible is a non-academic program of Bible study made accessible to persons living with disabilities. It is the realization of a dream by Fr. Donald Senior, CP, New Testament scholar, and Stauros U.S.A. founder, the late Fr. Flavian Dougherty, CP.   In the words of Fr. Senior, "For many people with disabilities, their suffering is not their disability itself but, rather, the barriers and negative attitudes society puts in their way. 

We named our program 'Access to the Land of the Bible' because we want to demonstrate that people with disabilities should have the same access to the sources of our faith as anyone else." 

Stauros is launching a campaign to recruit 25 leaders in the disability "no limits" movement who have disability themselves and desire to attend a fantastic study tour of the Holy Land with one of the world's foremost experts on the bible and New Testament:  Fr Don Senior, the current President of the Catholic Theological Union.



2009 Giftedness Gala

On April 16, NCPD will host our 2009 Giftedness Gala, recognizing the gifts all of us bring to the Body of Christ.  This national event will host guests from around the country and around the region.  To view the invitation click here.

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The Gala is a major way in which NCPD raises funds in order to provide our services, which we trust that you find helpful in your ministry.  We hope that you can join us in making the Gala a success by supporting NCPD in these ways:


NCHLA Postcard Campaign

Your diocesan Social Justice or Pro-Life Office has received the information below about FOCA and may have already established a parish campaign.  However, those in disability ministry and parish advocates might not have been made aware of this important campaign so we decided to send the information directly to you.  Check with your diocesan partners in ministry to coordinate and collaborate with them or to start your own campaign if they have not done so.

The "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA) was most recently introduced as S. 1173, H.R. 1964 in the 110th Congress. This act declares that it is the policy of the United States that every woman has the "fundamental right" to terminate a pregnancy. The act prohibits government at every level (federal, state, and local) from "interfering" with a woman's right to choose, and from "discriminating" against the exercise of this right.  During the campaign, President-elect Obama indicated that he would sign the legislation should it be passed by Congress.

 The Catholic bishops of the United States have unanimously called us to prayer and action to prevent passage of the radical "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA) and to oppose other attempts to overturn existing pro-life laws and policies. This year, our voices are needed more than ever.


SCHIP Action Alert from USCCB

On January 14, 2009 Bishop William F. Murphy sent a letter about supporting and improving the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to House and Senate members on behalf of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development. His letter is found at this link. (

The House voted on this issue yesterday, and the Senate vote will probably occur today or tomorrow. Join Bishop Murphy and the USCCB Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development in efforts to support and improve SCHIP by contacting your Senators today and urging others to do so. Go to the following links for telephone numbers and other contact information for Senators and for a USCCB action alert:  (contact Senators, ) (action alert,


Mexico City Policy Decried by USCCB

Let us stay vigilant in our efforts to support laws and initiatives that support life.  In a Jan. 26 article, the Zenit news agency reported that Cardinal Justin Rigali called President Barack Obama's decision on day 3 of his presidency to reverse the Mexico City Policy to be "very disappointing."  There had been an 8-year ban on U.S. funding of organizations that perform and promote abortion in developing nations.  President Obama has insisted during his electoral campaign that he wasn't for abortion but rather for reducing the number of abortions without making abortion illegal.  The Mexico City Policy had prevented the diversion of U.S. funds to groups that promote abortions.

Cardinal Francis George, president of the USCCB, and longtime Board member and Episcopal Moderator of NCPD until recently, wrote to Obama before his inauguration urging him to retain this policy: "'The Mexico City Policy, first established in 1984, has wrongly been attacked as a restriction on foreign aid for family planning. In fact, it has not reduced such aid at all, but has ensured that family planning funds are not diverted to organizations dedicated to performing and promoting abortions instead of reducing them.

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