Diocesan Contacts from TX

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Organization: Office of Chancellor
Contact: Ms. Susan Garner [More info]

Contact: Deacon Blaine Westlake [More info]

Organization: St. Mary's Parish
Contact: Ms. Sylvia Barto [More info]


Organization: Office of Life, Charity, and Justice
Contact: Mr. DeKarlos Blackmon [More info]


Organization: Diocese of Beaumont
Contact: Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Jamail [More info]


Organization: Office of Catechesis
Contact: Mr. Luis Espinoza [More info]

Corpus Christi

Organization: Office for Persons with a Disability
Contact: Ms. Celia Mendez [More info]

Organization: Office for Persons with Disabilities
Contact: Sr. Barbara Netek [More info]

Organization: Catholic Charities
Contact: Ms. Linda McKamie [More info]


Organization: Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Contact: Ms. Melissa Waldon [More info]

Fort Worth

Organization: Evangelization and Catechesis
Contact: Mr. Marlon de la Torre [More info]

Organization: Deaf Ministry
Contact: Ms. Connie Martin [More info]

Organization: Commission on Disability Ministry
Contact: Deacon Len Sanchez/Disability Minister [More info]


Organization: Office of Evangelization and Catechesis
Contact: Ms. Charleen Katra [More info]

Organization: Deaf Ministry
Contact: Rev. Len Broniak [More info]


Organization: Religious Education for Children and Children with Special Needs
Contact: Sister Luz Maria Mondragon HMRF [More info]


Organization: Coord. Of Deaf Ministry
Contact: Ms. Amy Kreller [More info]

San Angelo

Organization: Office of Catechesis and Formation
Contact: Sister Hilda Marotta [More info]

San Antonio

Organization: Ministry for Persons with Disablities
Contact: Sr. Jo-Michele Sierra SSCJ [More info]


Organization: Diocese of Tyler
Contact: Msgr. Joseph Strickland [More info]


Organization: Diocese of Victoria in Texas
Contact: Disability Contact [More info]