Prayer Service


Mental Health Month Prayer Service

Hymn:  “We Are Many Parts”
Opening Prayer: Ϯ
Heavenly Father,
we pray that you will be with us today/tonight
and guide us as we seek your will in all things
but especially in the treatment
of all those who care for us and our loved ones
through the lens of emotional and mental health concerns. 
Hear our cries for help as we navigate
worldly shoals and discrimination
and send down your blessing
on all those who ask for your help. 
We pray in Jesus’ name, Amen!
Scripture Reading:  1 Cor 12-27 (NAB)
Reflection:  What color are God’s eyes? Does He love those who are different?  St. Paul was clear in his description of the Body of Christ.  We are all children of God.  We are all parts of the Body of Christ.  All are needed.  All are welcome.  Just as our physical bodies have many parts that rely on one another, so does the Body of Christ.  Some of us are His hands and feet.  Some of us are His voice.  Some of us are His eyes and ears.  Others of us provide the support that makes those parts able to do His work.  Just as there is not one part of our bodies that can say “I don’t need you” or “I am more important than you,” all His parts are both honorable and necessary.  Like the individual parts that make up our human bodies, the parts that make up the Body of Christ are inter-dependent, not in-dependent.  Our differences – what humans may perceive as weakness or affliction – are not the result of sin but so that God can make His works visible through those differences.  We are all equal in dignity and value.  We are all given the gift of life, and every life is precious.  God made us – each of us – in His image.  If we are different from others, it is not a dis-ability but rather a difference in ability.  That is, we are differently-abled.  A marathon runner may be at the top of his field but if we place him in a home run or slam dunk contest, it’s likely that he would fare far differently than he would on the track.  He or she, too, is differently-abled when it comes to things beyond his principal competency.  Like our eye color, we are each different, but we are also all the same:  We are the image of God. Look in the mirror and you’ll see the color of God’s eyes. 
Intercessions:  Bringing together all our needs and concerns, let us pray:
Response:  “Lord, hear our prayer”
That those in our communities will see the value in what each person contributes to the whole
… Lord, hear our prayer
That the Church will recognize and accept the gifts of each of us as they complete the Body of Christ … Lord, hear our prayer
That all who live with any difficulty of mental health may find compassionate support towards their recovery, in both the church and society … Lord, hear our prayer
That those in power around the world will recognize and support the dignity and worth of all
Human beings … Lord, hear our prayer
And for those concerns we hold in the silence of our hearts … Lord hear our prayer
And now let us we join together in the prayer our Lord Jesus taught us …
Ϯ The Our Father Ϯ
Closing Prayer: Ϯ Heavenly Father, we thank you for the gifts you have given each of us.  We ask that you remain with us as we go our separate ways.  Keep us ever mindful that we are indeed each members of the Body of Christ, that we each have our own part in it, and recall the essential work that He has called us to do.  Watch over us now and always and guide us in our daily lives.  Amen! Ϯ
Blessing and Dismissal:
Members of the clergy may bless the people in the usual way.  Laypersons may use this blessing: 
“Let us go now to our individual homes in the assurance of God’s love and His infinite understanding.  Be well and may God bless each and every one of us.”


Closing Hymn:            “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”