The New Eugenics: Eliminating the “Undesirable” by Prenatal Diagnosis


The trends in the purposes of prenatal testing
is explored in this article. 

"The last quarter-century has produced phenomenal advances in prenatal testing: ultrasound; testing for Rh incompatibility; infectious disease testing or testing for antibodies; maternal serum protein testing; amniocentesis; chorionic villus sampling; umbilical cord blood sampling; chromosomal and genetic testing of both parents and fetus. Yet, the question needs to be asked: to what end is this list of techniques continually enlarged?
The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports that 90% of its surveyed members justify abortion for fetal anomalies that are fatal, and 63% justify abortion when the anomalies are not fatal. Thus, nearly two-thirds of the physicians responding, physicians entrusted with the care of mother and unborn child, embrace eugenics. ..."

Article by Dr. Marie Hilliard, JCL, PhD, RN., Chair NCPD Committe on Ethics and Public Policy and the Director of Bioethics and Public Policy, National Catholic Bioethics Center.