Inclusion Tips

Inclusion Tip Sheets

This section includes a list of Inclusion Tip Sheets, sent to us from Marsha Rivas of the Diocese of Toledo. For more information about the disability ministry in the Diocese of Toldeo, please visit their website at

Thanks Marsha for all the valuable information!! For a complete listing of Inclusion Tips from the Diocese of Toldedo, click here:

 Title  Date  English Espanol
How to Help a Person Experiencing a Mental Illness 2017-04 PDF
The Person with Mental Illness 
 2015-05 Bilingual Word/  PDF
Blessings of Autism  2015-04   PDF
A Good Host is a Good Planner (Bilingual) 2015-03 Word  PDF
Coping with Holidays 2014-12 Bilingual PDF
A Clear View: Interacting with People with Vision Loss 2014-07 Bilingual
PDF, Word
Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2014- 05 Bilingual PDF, Word
The Gift of Giving: 2013-12 PDF  

 Happy Kids for Christmas (Bilingual)



PDF, Word

 Supporting Returning War Veterans 2013-10 PDF
 How to Help a Person Experiencing Mental Illness 2013-09 PDF  

 Accessibility through Creativity

 Accesibilidad por medio de la Creatividad

2013-08  PDF  PDF
Language: A Powerful Tool for Parish Hospitality 2013-06 PDF PDF
Word Word
Catholics with Celiac Disease 2013-05 PDF PDF
 Word Word
Teaching Tips for Students with Autism  2013-04  PDF  PDF
Visual Processing Disorder  2013-03  PDF  
 Beatitudes for Catechists  2012-09  PDF  
 Navigating the IEP  2012-08  PDF  
 Invisible Disabilities  2012-07  PDF  
 Mental Health First Aid  2012-06  PDF  
Tips for Families Living with Autism  2012-04  PDF  
Beatitudes of Acceptance  2012-03  PDF  
Executive Function Disorder  2012-02  PDF  
Minstering to Difficult People  2012-01  PDF  
Navigating the IEP  2011-09  PDF  
 Supporting Returning veterans  2011-08  PDF  
 Service Animals  2011-06  PDF  
 Psychiatric Advanced Directives  2011-05  PDF  
 Pastoral Visits with Someone with Dementia  2011-03  PDF  
 Accessible Information Technology  2011-02  PDF  
 Positive Discipline for Children with Disability  2010-12  PDF  
 Coping with the Holidays  2010-11  PDF  
 Guidelines for Teachers and Catechists  2010-09  PDF  
 Feeling Comfortable with People with Disabilities  2010-08  PDF  
 School to Work Transition  2010-07  PDF  
 Tourette Syndrome  2010-06  PDF  
 When Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Grieve  2010-05  PDF  
 Marriage and a Child with Special Needs: Tips for Meeting the Challenge  2010-04  PDF  
 Postsecondary Education for Students with IDD  2010-02  PDF  
 Seasonal Affective Disorder  2010-01  PDF  
 Happy Kids for Christmas  2009-12  PDF  
 Supporting returning Veterans  2009-11  PDF  
 Supporting Parishioners with Mental Illness  2009-10  PDF  



The Blessings of Autism 0414 bilingual.pdf206.76 KB