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General Disability Ministry

Ministering to Individuals with Disabilities – Power Point  Philadelphia Link 4/1/2016
Preferred Language to Use When Referring to a Person with a Disability Philadelphia  Link  4/5/2016
Welcoming People with Disabilities so All May Encounter Christ Harrisburg    Link  5/6/2016

Mass Related Information

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion -Persons with Disabilities Philadelphia  Link  4/1/2016
Bulletin Announcements and Universal Prayers Philadelphia  Link  4/5/2016

Parish Facilities

Tips on Making Meetings and Events Accessible Philadelphia Link 4/1/2016
Checklist for Parish Facilities Philadelphia Link 4/5/2016

Parish Contact/ Advocate

Parish Contact Program Appointment Form Philadelphia Link 3/28/2016

Parish Advocates Description

Philadelphia  Link  3/30/2016

Faith Formation

Theological Perspective for Inclusion in PREP 

 Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
PREP Child Information Form Fillable   Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
PREP Resources for Inclusion Listing   Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
PREP Volunteer / Registration Announcement  Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
PREP Child Information Form in Spanish Fillable  Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
PREP Resource Workshop Booklet  Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
Tips for Parents Article   Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016
Web Links for Inclusive Religious Education – Annotated Philadelphia  Link  3/31/2016

Deaf Apostolate 

 Newsletter  Philadelphia  Link


 ASL Interpreted Mass Schedule 2016  Philadelphia  Link 4/4/2016 
Webpage Listing Priests Available
for Interpreted Masses (Great Idea!)
 Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Deaf Apostolate Religious Education Registration Form  Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Deaf Apostolate Religious Education Schedule  Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Online ASL Request Form (Direct Link to Page) Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
ASL Interpreter Policy Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Request for ASL Interpreter Fillable Form Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Interpreter Mass Information Fillable Form Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Funeral Request for Interpreter Info Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Prayers in ASL DVD Order Form Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
Deaf Renewal Prayer Philadelphia   Link   4/4/2016

 Deaf Ministry Links

 Fr. MD Kitchen – A Catholic VLOG in ASL Philadelphia   Link  4/4/2016
 International Catholic Deaf Association (ICDA) Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
 National Catholic Office for The Deaf (NCOD) Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
 International Catholic Foundation for the Service of Deaf Persons (ICF) Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
 Camp Mark Seven- Summer Programs Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
 Holley Family Village Deaf Summer Programs – Summer Programs for Families Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016
 The Deaf Catholic Mom- A Catholic VLOG on Religious Topics Philadelphia  Link  4/4/2016

Pro-Life/ Prenatal

Providing Pastoral Support When an Infant Dies Before or Shortly After Birth Philadelphia  Link  4/1/2016
 Lily's Gift Philadelphia  Link  4/1/2016


 Supporting Returning War Veterans Philadelphia  Link  4/5/2016


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