NCPD Service in 2011

National Catholic Partnership on Disability…
Serving the U.S. Catholic Church in 2011

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Pro-life efforts

2011 online training on Threats to Life: Physician-Assisted Suicide Collaboration with USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities Co-sponsor of Catholic Social Ministry Gathering, February 13-16, 2011 Support for State Catholic Conferences through consultation and training on topics related to life and disability

Parish Outreach to Veterans

Co-sponsor of Spiritual Retreat for Veterans in Washington, DC area 2011 internet seminar on supporting veterans with a service-related disability or PTSD, and their families Toolkit production for parishes to help support veterans and their families returning to their home parish

NCPD Autism Task Force

Monthly conference calls Identification and evaluation of resources and curriculum Report with recommendations to NCPD Board October, 2011

Support for Priests with Low Vision: Large-Print Sacramentary/Lectionary Project

Altar-appropriate large print Sacramentary and its companion Lectionary on CD Revision of large print Sacramentary (24, 34, & 44 font sizes) to reflect changes in the Roman Missal

Spanish Language Translations

Available Spanish language resources posted on NCPD website NCPD’s vast library of resources—translations planned as funding is obtained

NCPD Council on Mental Illness

Consultation and resources for internet seminars on veterans and physician-assisted suicide Series of National Conference Calls for members of Network on Mental Illness Welcomed and Valued DVD and Resource Manual; monthly e-newsletter Mental illness awareness workshops around the country; national advocacy and leadership

National Training Seminars (“Webinars”)

Reconciliation and Eucharist for Children with Disabilities Threats to the Lives of People with Disabilities, Part II: Physician- Assisted Suicide Parish Support for Veterans with Disabilities and Their Families

Additional Support for Diocesan Disability Directors and other Personnel

NCPD E-NEWS & MI Network News National Conference Calls for Diocesan Disability Directors (Quarterly) Consultation, training, regional meetings, and diocesan evaluation AttachmentSize NCPD Serving in 2011.pdf184.42 KB One Pager 2013.pdf181.06 KB
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